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Bosley revitalizer hair regrowth laser cap

You no longer need to accept hair loss as your reality. One of the most popular US-based hair experts, Bosley, has recently developed a non-surgical hair restoration system. The Bosley company launched the Bosley laser cap in 2019 after years of R&D and testing. 

Their laser caps help you combat genetic hair loss & promote thicker hair growth in the comfort of your home. As far as advanced hair loss solutions are concerned, this company has been a trusted name for over 40 years, making it one of the industry’s leaders. 

Bosley revitalizer

Bosley Hair Products

Bosley’s LLLT device is called Revitalizer. In this article, I will explore their FDA-cleared at-home laser caps. I would review them regarding device specification, what the package includes, and who can use them. I would write about the cleaning method, pricing, warranty, free trial period & customer rating.

The auto-programmed laser matrix of both Bosley Revitalizer FLEX 164 & Bosley Revitalizer FLEX 272 is powered by 164 & 272 medical-grade laser diodes. They emit red light at a wavelength of 650 nm. This is the optimum wavelength for the light to get absorbed so that your dormant hair follicles are stimulated effectively. 

Depending on the progression and extent of your hair loss, you can choose between the two currently available models. While Bosley Revitalizer 164 covers the crown to the hairline, Revitalizer 272 offers better coverage and density. The caps allow you to set a timer, i.e., once a session is complete, the Revitalizer will shut down automatically. 

Note: Some customers report a slight tingling sensation on their scalp during a treatment session. However, that is normal and safe since Bosley uses heat-resistant polymer in their LLLT caps for maximum light penetration and hair follicle stimulation. 

What the package includes 

  • Bosley Sports Cap – allowing users to hide the laser matrix underneath and avail the hair loss therapy treatment on the go. Also, you can pair it with other hats or sports caps, thanks to its compact design.
  • Rechargeable battery pack with wall charger
  • Exclusive Controller Pod – gives users full control of the therapy session.
  • Belt Clip – allows users to clip the battery pack to their pockets or belt to increase portability even on the busiest of days.
  • Storage Pouch

The Bosley follicle energizer recommends a treatment time of 8 minutes/day. However, using it for 30 minutes thrice a week also works.  

As far as sizing is concerned, Revitalizer Flex 164 and 272 are available in regular sizes which fit heads that are up to the circumference of 24 inches. However, you can also opt for the X-Large size option if you require more extensive coverage. 

Who is it meant for?

This laser treatment reverses miniaturizing and promotes thicker hair growth in men and women suffering from androgenetic alopecia. It is most effective for men with Norwood Hamilton IIa to V hair loss patterns and women with Ludwig-Savin classifications of I-1 to I-4 & II-1 to II-2 or frontal hair loss patterns. Bosley LLLT caps have been clinically tested on Fitzpatrick Skin Type 1-4. Also, Bosley laser therapy works on all hair colors. 

Hassle-free cleaning

Periodical cleaning is necessary for the smooth running of the laser device, especially after sweating. Cleaning Bosley caps is simple:

  • Unplug the device 
  • Disconnect all the cables
  • Wipe the cap’s inner surface gently with rubbing alcohol and a soft cloth, and you are good to go. 

How much does Bosley cost? 

The Bosley laser cap for hair growth price ranges between $1,799 to $2,799 for Revitalizer Flex 164 and 272, respectively. However, you can keep an eye on Amazon for special offers and discounts. 

Warranty and Return Policy

The Bosley Revitalizer comes with a 2-year device warranty & a 1-year battery warranty. 

As of April 5, 2021, Bosley Revitalizers come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, provided the in-package accessories are intact, and the device is in its original condition. You must also provide proof of purchase (shipping invoice etc.) while returning the package. 

If you miss the 30-day mark, you can still return the device up to 60 days from the date of purchase. However, after 30 days, a 20% restocking fee will be deducted from the refund.

Returns at Bosley are usually processed with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number. To get that and the return instructions, call their customer service at 888-808-6654. 

The return policy might vary if you buy Bosley products from other distributors. So, make sure you contact them to know the details of the same before purchase. 

Does Bosely work – Customer Reviews

Since this home LLLT technology is comparatively new, Bosely reviews are pretty scanty. Gathering from various trusted sources, I can say that a certain percentage of customers have appreciated the positive effects of the device. Others, however, complained about the product’s hefty pricing. 

Final Thoughts

Hair loss has become a universal problem in both men and women. Surgical procedures are available for advanced hair issues. However, not everyone has the time to invest time in a clinical procedure. Thankfully, today’s market is flooded with LLLT products that can help you manage the problem & promote hair growth at home– Bosley is one of the highly-trusted options out there. 

The price of Bosley Revitalizer is on the costlier side, and several customers seem to talk about delayed results. So, my advice is to consult a hair regrowth expert to verify if Bosley is your best bet. Alternatively, if you are unhappy with the product, you can always fall back on their 30-day full refund policy. 

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