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All about Theradome

Today I am going to cover in detail all you need to know about Theradome Hair Regrowth Helmets. 

On Amazon, the Theradome helmets have garnered a total of 154 positive to 71 negative ratings. Approximately 68% of users on Amazon have seen improvements in their hair quality after using the helmets. 

I have personally interviewed a few of Theradome’s long-time customers, all of whom agreed on one thing; you have to be patient with these products. Plus, if you are at an advanced stage of hair loss, Low Light Laser Therapy might not work for you. 

Besides, one should use laser-based hair growth helmets with other doctor-recommended treatment plans for hair regrowth, including medications. 

There’s one good thing about these products – all of them come with a money-back guarantee. So, if you are not happy with the results after a target duration, you can always return the product and try something else. 

As far as Theradome is concerned, from its price point to the product background, the entire package works in Theradome’s favor.  


Product Overview 

The FDA-cleared Theradome laser therapy helmets are the brainchild of founder Tamim Hamid, a Biomedical Engineer, and a former NASA scientist. 

The Theradome helmets have two variants: Theradome Evo and Theradome Pro. I will compare these two helmets shortly. 

The Theradome devices generate a power of 727 joules at 680 nm wavelength. The laser output/concentration is 9.9 Joules/cm2. Both Evo and Pro helmets provide full scalp coverage at 500 cm2. The laser beams penetrate hair follicles up to 5mm to revive inactive hair cells. 

These parameters are similar to clinical devices. In fact, Cleveland Clinic in Ohio uses Theradome Pro as one of its treatment options for hair regeneration.  

Theradome helmets are cordless, thus offering hands-free use. They come with a rechargeable battery and a voice monitor to guide you through the therapy. 

The laser beams turn on with the click of a button. The helmets are comfortable with foam pads and proper ventilation. They are also easy to clean. 


The Helmets 

 Theradome EVO LH40

Costing $595, the Theradome EVO LH40 contains 40 medical-grade laser diodes. To get the desirable results, patients must use it for 20 minutes 4 times a week. The EVO battery lasts for 16 treatments after fully charging it. 

Theradome PRO LH80

Costing $895, the Theradome PRO LH80 contains 80 medical-grade laser diodes. To get the desirable results, patients must use it for 20 minutes 2 times a week. The PRO battery lasts for 8 treatments after fully charging it. 

 The number of lasers is the only difference between the two helmets determining the number of times a week device should be used.


Both the helmets are supposed to reduce hair fall by the fourth week of use. They come with foam fitting pads, AC Adapter, User Manual, Protective Bag, and a Getting Started Card.


By buying on Amazon, one lithium-ion battery is included in the package at the same price as the Company website. However, the store does not include the battery and the charger package with the helmets. Together they cost $65, and you have to buy them separately by calling customer care. 


The batteries can last for up to 400 treatments. It is best to charge the battery fully before inserting it in the helmet and recharging it after 6 – 8 treatments when the battery has completely drained out. 


Clinical Study 

 A clinical study with Theradome Pro saw visible improvement in 98% of the participants in a month, and after eight weeks, they witnessed a dynamic growth of new hairs. 



 You can buy replacement batteries for $49, only applicable to US residents. Before buying them at the Theradome store, enter the helmet’s serial number. 

You can also buy a replacement AC charger and cleaning wipes for $29 and $12 each. 



Theradome offers customers the standard 1-year product warranty. If you buy the products from the Theradome store (the company website), the 1-year warranty will be automatically added to your purchase. However, if you are buying from Amazon or any authorized seller (make sure they are authorized; otherwise, the warranty won’t apply), you will have to register your product on Fill out the form and follow the instructions to complete the registration. 

You can also buy DomeCare Theradome extended warranty to cover your product against any kind of damages (accidental or otherwise) or technical failures for three years. With DomeCare, your product gets free updates to perform optimally and on-demand troubleshooting. However, DomeCare is only available for US residents.  


You can buy a separate extended warranty for your Theradome EVO for $99. The extended warranty for Theradome PRO costs $149. 


Money-back Guarantee 

 Theradome offers customers a refund if the product fails to produce any result after 180 days of diligent use from the day of purchase. However, we are not sure if this applies to products bought from Amazon or outside the official website, although there is a mention of the money-back guarantee on Amazon. It is better to ask their customer care about the validity of this policy in the case of authorized sellers before making a purchase.  

While making a refund request, you will have to ask Theradome customer care for a Return Merchandise Authorization Number within 30 days from the completion of 180 days of use. Remember, the number is crucial to process your refund. Though they are not going to ask for proof of whether you have used the product precisely following the guidelines in the user manual, it is better to keep some evidence in the form of video recordings or pictures with timestamps.

The refund excludes shipping changes or interest rates of financing options and only applies to US residents. 


Payment Options 

 Customers can pay in installments with Affirm. The interest rate for Affirm “split pay” feature is lower than credit card rates. For more information about rates and financing plans, you can contact them at or call (855) 423-3729. Again, Affirm financing is only available to customers with a billing address in the US. 


Final Thoughts 

 The Theradome helmets generate laser beams at a wavelength of 680 nm, the highest in the market. Plus it is the only brand that claims to be an efficient cure for people with darker skin tones. I also like the fact that if someone is looking for a more affordable option without wanting to compromise on the quality, Theradome has the answer. There is no fundamental difference between the Theradome EVO laser hair growth device and the Theradome PRO. One can get the same result by simply increasing the number of days they use the helmet. Plus, the helmets are FDA-cleared, and both come with a 6-month money-back guarantee. So, I don’t see why you should not give it a shot to fill your receding hairline.

There are other different laser helmets. Read my review comparison between Theradome vs iRestore- Theradome EVO vs iRestore Essential vs iGrow and Theradome Pro LH80 vs iRestore Professional.

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