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Are you looking for a foolproof method to reverse thinning hair? Or, are you searching for a hassle-free, affordable and efficient way to add more volume to your hair? Maybe the iRestore Hair Growth System is the right thing for you.

You are not the only one suffering from a receding hairline. Hair loss is a common predicament of the current times and you will find 6 out of 10 men and women complaining about hair fall. Balding is an ailment, more prominent in the 21st century, and even we are its victims. After spending a lot of time and money on herbal supplements, and natural remedies and not seeing any result even after a year, here’s what I thought:

I need to try out modern technology to beat a modern problem. For me, a hair transplant was not an option for being too expensive. Moreover, I couldn’t afford the time to undergo sessions in a doctor’s clinic. So, I was looking for something that I can use at home that doesn’t come with a learning curve but is also affordable and durable. My first discovery was the iRestore Hair Growth System. In this article, I will tell you everything about the iRestore helmet, its specifications, price, and what you can expect. Get to know everything about these helmets in one place, irestore professional vs essential.

iRestore Hair Growth System

The products 

iRestore Hair Growth System has two laser-based helmets – iRestore professional vs essential : 

  • iRestore Essential 

Essential is the more popular of the two, ideal for men and women recently observing thinning hair who would like their hair to be thicker and more durable. 

  • iRestore Professional 

The iRestore’s Professional is suitable for those facing severe hair loss with visible balding spots. 

To know which device is the best for you, iRestore professional vs essential,  take the hair loss quiz on the iRestore website. You will also receive an email from one of iRestore’s executives. They provide customers with the choice to get free advice from a professional regarding possible solutions for hair loss.  

Clinical Trial 

We have already discussed how low-level laser therapy works by stimulating the metabolism of the hair follicles, increasing blood flow in the scalp, reactivating dormant hair follicles, and increasing the hair growth phase. iRestore’s clinical trials have shown a 40% hair growth in candidates with hair loss in 4 months. 


The iRestore helmet use both lasers and LEDs as iRestore experts believe that lasers provide an in-depth penetration of light into the target areas. LEDs spread out the light energy across the scalp to encourage a broader stimulation. 

Both the iRestore Professional and Essential helmets are lightweight yet sturdy and have a ventilated design. 

iRestore’s makers and laser experts claim to have used the right combination of wavelength and laser power to encourage hair growth. 

The iRestore Essential generates a total power output of 255 mW at a wavelength of 650 nm. The laser power used is less than 5mW, meaning it is safe to use. It contains 21 lasers and 30 LEDs. If you wonder whether the power output and wavelength are in the correct combination to encourage hair growth, most devices produce wavelengths between 500 and 1,100 nm. The laser power is usually between 3 and 90 mW. However, you must understand that more power does not mean more hair growth. Too much laser power can have the opposite effect. The wavelength and power output of the iRestore Essential is sufficient to treat moderate hair thinning. A candidate must wear the iRestore Essential for 25 minutes every other day. 

The iRestore Professional generates a total power output of 1410 mW at a wavelength of 650 nm. It contains 82 lasers and 200 LEDs. The Professional helmet aims at being an – ideal-for-home-use – substitute for clinical hair restoration therapy. Laser devices in clinics generate a power output of 500 mW, and the sessions last for about 34 minutes. iRestore Professional can encourage the regrowth of inactive hair follicles if used continuously for three months, twenty-five minutes every other day. 

Both the iRestore hair growth system helmets come with a power adapter, rechargeable battery pack (separately sold), and a controller with an LCD that tracks the time and battery life. The insides of the helmets are made of foam pads to render them comfortable.

Pricing of iRestore professional vs essential

iRestore Essential 

On the company website, the iRestore Essential helmet costs $695. You have to pay $39.99 extra for the rechargeable battery. The helmet also comes with a 3-year extended warranty costing an extra $39.99.  

You can also buy the Essential kit consisting of the helmet and iRestore’s anti-hair-thinning products. The Essential Kit with the one-month supply costs $755. You can also purchase the supplementary products with a three-month or six-month worth of supply priced at $845 and $965 each. 

On Amazon, the iRestore Essential costs $695.

iRestore Professional 

iRestore Professional is sold on the official website, priced at $1195. The rechargeable battery is sold separately for $69.99. 

You can get the 3-year extended warranty with the professional helmet costing an extra $49.99.

The Professional Kit containing a month’s supply of anti-hair-thinning conditioner costs $1255.

The Professional Kit with the three-month and six-month supply costs $1345 and $1465 each. 


If you buy iRestore helmets from the official website, you get a one-year trial option with a money-back guarantee. Amazon offers customers a money-back guarantee with a six-month trial. However, you won’t get the extended 3-year product warranty on Amazon; only available on the company website

For more on laser-based hair-growth devices, follow my “By Brand” series, where I tell you everything about the latest models and the most popular laser products for hair regrowth.  

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Yan G.

At the age of 38, my thick and Abundant hair began to thin.
As I looked for solutions to regrow my hair, I discovered the convenient Laser hair growth treatment.
After researching the various laser treatment options for hair growth, I decided to share my findings with anyone who suffers from the problem as I do and is looking for a simple, non-invasive solution that can be treated at home without going specially to the clinic for treatment.
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