20 Hair Care Tips to Prevent Hair Loss in Men

Top 20 tips to prevent hair loss in men

There are several ways to prevent hair loss in men. However, what is to be done depends on the individual reasons for hair loss. 

As a process, hair fall varies from one person to the other. While some experience patches of baldness or sudden hair loss all over their scalp, for others, it may be gradual hair thinning and hair fall.  

Irrespective of the reasons, hair loss is an ever-growing concern among men because good hair is associated with good looks, and who doesn’t like to look good! Thus, we’re here to discuss a few hair care tips that men can use to prevent hair loss & maintain their hair health. 

Prevent hair loss in men

Top 20 tips for men to prevent hair loss

      1. Have a balanced diet

Low vitamin B complex, vitamin D and iron may cause your hair to weaken. It is crucial to treat dietary deficiencies on time for the sake of your overall health. You may be surprised to know that treating dietary deficiencies by consuming timely & nutritional meals can prevent hair loss among males naturally. 

The more blood circulation in your scalp, the better will be your hair health. So, make sure your meals are balanced with foods rich in proteins, vitamin c, omega 3, iron, and zinc. 

  • Omega-3 minimizes low-level stress and inflammation, thus reducing the chances of hair fall.
  • Vitamin C regulates hair health by reducing toxin accumulation in the body.
  • Protein-rich foods are crucial to making hair stronger.


      2.  Massage your scalp

Massaging your scalp with coconut oil or other essential oils at least twice a week for about 20 minutes can do wonders for your hair’s health in the long run. 

This simple hair care routine helps keep your follicles active, thus promoting new hair growth. Massages increase the scalp’s blood circulation, which revives hair follicles and strengthens your hair strands from their roots. 

      3. Use a chemical-free cleanser

The point is to stay as far away as possible from harsh chemicals if you want to reduce your hair fall problem. It is best to use a medicated or herbal shampoo that is light on the scalp and only does what it is supposed to do, i.e., cleanse the dirt from the scalp. 

Avoid rubbing your hair strands while applying shampoo. Shampooing twice a week is more than enough to get rid of dirt build-ups. 

      4. Use the conditioner correctly

Many of us use moisturizing conditioners after washing our hair with shampoo. However, are you doing it the right way? Never apply the moisturizer on your scalp; it is only meant for your hair strands. Also, let the moisture sit for a few minutes before you wash it away. 

      5. Dry your hair gently with a towel

Don’t rub your hair shafts vigorously to dry your hair. Wet hair roots are fragile and prone to breakage. It is always better to wrap your hair and allow the towel to soak the excess water naturally. Blow dryers can bring massive harm to your hair. Set the dryer at medium speed and use only when necessary. 

      6. Be patient with wet hair

Remember that your hair is at its weakest when it’s wet. So, to lower the chances of hair loss, avoid brushing your damp hair. A frequent brushing habit can injure hair which might also increase hair fall tendencies. 

      7. Be gentle while detangling hair

If you want to get rid of those pesky tangles, try to detangle using your fingers first. Otherwise, you can gently comb with a wide-toothed wooden comb as an alternative when your hair is dry. 

      8. Go gentle on styling

Modern-day hair styling uses a lot of heat and includes products that often contain harsh chemicals. Frequently styling your hair may lead to dry and brittle hair that ultimately weakens the follicles. 

      9. Try to de-stress regularly

We all know stress is not good for one’s health. Studies have also found scientific evidence that links hair fall with chronic psychological stress. Stress tends to increase your body’s toxin levels, which can make your hair prone to fungal infections and make them fall out eventually.

So, it is vital to practice de-stressing regularly. Yoga and meditation are excellent ways to reduce stress and restore hormonal balance. Alternatively, you can invest time in something that interests you, like, cooking, working out, gardening, listening to music, or even playing your favorite sport. 

      10. Hair loss medication

While certain treatments like steroids or chemotherapy cause hair loss as a side effect, over-the-counter pills are also available as remedies for male pattern baldness. Both finasteride and minoxidil are FDA-approved medicines that are prescribed to men who are experiencing hair loss. Medicated hair fall shampoo also tends to contain minoxidil as an ingredient.

Note: Both these pills may cause side effects like scalp irritation, erectile dysfunction, etc.

      11. Try to maintain a sweat-free scalp

Know this for the fact that sweat, mainly accumulated sweat, dehydrates your strands. As a result, there can be fungal infections, bacterial growth & blocked pores on your scalp. 

Taking a shower after every workout session is a must. Oftentimes men who wear helmets are seen to lose hair rampantly during summer. This happens because the sweat accumulation in the pores weakens the roots of your hair. Tying a scarf before putting on the helmet can help in this case. 

      12. Don’t avoid an itchy scalp

It is best to treat itchy scalps on time. Lice or certain fungal infections like tinea can cause massive scalp irritation and eventually lead to hair fall. Be sure to consult a dermatologist to identify and treat the cause at the earliest.

      13. Keep yourself hydrated

Believe it or not, water is beneficial for your overall health, including your hair. Dehydration leads to frizzy and dry hair that is more likely to break and fall. 

Why do you need to drink a minimum of 2 to 3 liters of water every day? Simply because, along with lubricating the follicles, water helps improve the minerals and vitamins circulation in the scalp to encourage hair growth. 

      14. Cut down on the alcohol 

Too much alcohol consumption causes dehydration. Additionally, it lowers your body’s potential to absorb all the essential minerals and vitamins that strengthen hair follicles and improve hair growth. Try chilled fruit juices instead- they can help rejuvenate your hair follicles. 

      15. Avoid smoking

Cigarette smoking is injurious to health. Period. Hair is an integral part of your health. Smoking tends to weaken our immune system, which can potentially damage hair follicles. Thus, if you reduce smoking, your chances of hair loss will also go down. 


      16. DIY hair masks 

Applying homemade hair masks or homemade hair oils can also prove to be deeply nourishing and revitalizing for the roots of your hair. You can make hair masks using ingredients like onion, aloe vera, milk, or honey. They all contain valuable nutrients that stimulate hair growth.

      17. Don’t use an anti-dandruff shampoo regularly

These shampoos, especially the over-the-counter ones, can be hazardous for your hair shafts and roots if used daily. It may also cause early greying. If you’re living in a region with excessive humidity, once-a-week use will suffice. 

      18. Hair regrowth treatment 

LLLT or Low-level Laser (Light) Therapy has proven to be an effective solution among men suffering from androgenic alopecia or alopecia areata. For some men, hair thinning cannot be reversed by natural remedies. Pills tend to have side effects, and a hair transplant is an expensive procedure. If you are looking for a non-invasive way of reversing hair thinning, try out laser hair treatment for growth. You don’t need to go to a clinic for this; at-home LLLT devices are readily available in the market. They come in the forms of laser caps, laser bands & combs

The emitted light energy helps the scalp resume its normal function by stimulating the damaged hair cells or hair follicles that may have become dormant. LLLT has become an extremely popular hair fall treatment alternative in the past few years. Users cannot seem to stop talking about its several benefits. Moreover, low-level laser therapy is as safe and effective as it is an almost sure-shot solution for receding hairline. 

      19. Garlic can be miraculous

Many consider garlic to be a miracle food. Thus, it is frequently used in homes as a hair fall remedy. Garlic is rich in calcium and zinc. You can dab garlic juice on your scalp as a DIY technique to make your hair healthier. Let it sit for the night and wash it off the next morning with a mild shampoo.


      20. Biotin 

Biotin is a B-complex vitamin that enables the body to convert specific nutrients into usable energy. Make sure you have a fair share of this vitamin in your everyday diet. It is an essential ingredient in the hair-building process. 

Several doctors prescribe biotin supplements to encourage hair growth in men. However, they’ll only be effective if you are actually biotin-deficient, and that is what is causing hair thinning in the first place. 


These were some of the tips that seem to work for men to maintain healthy hair. However, you shouldn’t forget that hair fall will become more and more common as you age. You can only slow down its pace by taking these preventive measures and banking on safe and alternative treatments for hair loss. 

Leave me a comment & let me know which of these tips works for you!

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