The best 272 Laser hair growth cap- detailed comparison

272 Laser cap comparison Hairmax vs Kiierr vs Illumiflow vs Capillus

Hair Loss or baldness has become a pressing concern for many of us today. However, technology has advanced to an extent where almost everything is possible, even growing back lost hair with laser caps. That is why both men and women are looking for these hair growth laser caps as an alternative and convenient treatment. 

Well, that’s not all of it. 

These hands-free devices allow you to multi-task & tackle your hair loss issue at the same time. Moreover, they actually work. The best ones are backed by clinical studies and rave customer reviews. 


Even though these caps may not cost as much as a Laser clinic treatment, some of the top ones can still be pricey. 

I’ll help you pick the best long-term (home) treatment to reverse hair loss. In this post, I’ll give you a detailed comparison between the top 4 FDA-cleared competitors- Illumiflow 272, Hairmax laser 272 powerflex cap, Kiierr 272, Illumiflow 272 Pro, and Capillus Pro laser caps. 

My comparison is based on the parameters that matter:

  • Strength & Technology
  • Safety
  • Treatment Time
  • Price, warranty, and return policy
  • Market experience
  • Customer rating & reviews

Strength & Technology

Several studies have found that helmets with LEDs are not as effective as pure lasers that penetrate the surface & offer in-depth follicular stimulation. All the five hair-growth caps come with 272 actual laser diodes, spread evenly with a comfortable silicone covering. 

These caps can help start regrowth by stimulating the hair follicles, but only when the light gets distributed at consistent power levels and a specific wavelength. The number of lasers in a cap, the power output (measured in Mw), and the wavelength put together determine the device’s strength.

All five generate 5 Mw (totaling to 1360 MW each) red light therapy at 650-655 nm wavelength. The calibration range is clinically proven to help promote hair growth. 

Strength & Technology Winner: All 5 (Tie)


It’s simple- if the FDA doesn’t clear a laser cap, don’t go for it. Even though they are pricier than non-FDA-cleared equivalents, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

I’ve only compared FDA cleared (for men & women) brands in this post. 

FDA clearance means that the product has undergone strict inspection of overall quality before launch. After all, the device will promote safe hair regrowth only when the laser output is accurate and balanced. 

Treatment time

This is where the real difference begins!

What do you think is the key factor influencing the success rate of this over-the-counter LLLT therapy? It is Consistency, and for that, you must follow the regimen religiously. Going by the clinical trials (HairMax has conducted seven studies), these caps ideally take 30-90 days to stop hair thinning & loss and another 30-90 days to start new hair growth. 

However, the shorter the treatment time, the easier it is to stick to the regime. So, let’s see how the four laser helmets compare in terms of LLLT treatment time.

HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 272:

It has a dual mode for you to choose from- pulsing and constant laser.

  • On constant mode, use thrice a week for 15 minutes each.
  • On pulsing mode, use up to three to four times a week for 30 minutes each.

Illumiflow 272 Pro Laser Cap:

It has an auto-completion timer (audible) that notifies you when your treatment session nears the end and the device automatically shuts off. 

  • 30 minutes/ session
  • Thrice a week

Kiierr 272 Laser Cap:

  • 30 minutes/ session
  • 3-4 sessions a week

Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap:

This Illumiflow cap model also has an auto shut-off mechanism (after 30 minutes) that saves you from keeping a tap on the time per session.

  • 30 minutes/ session
  • Three times per week


  • 6 minutes/ session
  • Worn once every day for best results

Note: All five offer full scalp coverage, including the sides and the back. 

Treatment Time Winner: CapillusPro (6-minute LLLT solution); HairMax PowerFlex comes second in line. 

Price, Warranty & Return Policy

These mobile laser hair growth devices can take up to 6 months to show results and are quite the investment. As a consumer, you would want to know the return or refund policy of the laser helmet company, just in case. 

Another important criterion is the warranty for the lasers and parts. This is where buying from a confident and reliable company makes a significant difference. To help you sort better- the ones offering a more extended trial period are usually the more confident ones. 

Let’s see how the four brands score in terms of these variables!

HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 272:

  • Price- $1,899 (Available as well on Amazon)
  • Warranty- 2 years 
  • Return Policy- Allows 1-year of risk-free trial, and you will need to pay a 25% restocking fee on the purchase for returns. 

*Look out for available coupon codes at the time of purchase. Purchases usually included free hair care bundles. 

Kiierr 272 Premier Laser Cap:

  • Price- $999 (without hair care bundle)
  • Warranty- 2 years (can be extended up to 4 years with an additional fee)
  • Return Policy- 7-month money-back guarantee 

To avail of a full refund, make sure you have before and after pictures ready as proof of no results. 

Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap:

  • Price- $799 (Available on Amazon as well)
  • Warranty- 5-year product warranty
  • Return Policy- Risk-free 6-month trial


  • Price- $2,499 (Check price on Amazon)
  • Warranty- 3 years* 
  • Return Policy- 6-month satisfaction guarantee (not applicable on refurbished models)

*You can get warranty extensions at $309 for 1 year, $549 for 2 years, and $799 for 3 years.

Illumiflow 272 Pro Laser Cap:

  • Price- $899 (SALE Price)
  • Warranty- 5 years 
  • Return Policy- 6-month satisfaction guarantee

Note: The above warranty periods are applicable only when you buy from the official website or an authorized distributor. Also, these details are listed on individual official websites. 

Price Winner: Illumiflow

Warranty Winner: Illumiflow; Kiierr (maximum extendable warranty period)

Return period winner: HairMax; Kiierr (7-month guarantee)

Market Experience

As far as market experience is concerned, HairMax stands first in the league of laser caps. They have been in the game for around 20 years now, with seven clinical trials, 14 international medical licenses, and 8 FDA clearances. Plus, they also have a record of selling 1.8 million devices (worldwide) since its inception. 

Capillus is a Miami-based brand that has been on the scene since 2012 with one (independently reviewed) clinical trial and FDA clearance as a Class 2 medical device. 

On the other hand, after seven years of research, Illumiflow finally got FDA clearance in 2016 and has been selling two variants of laser caps since 2017 and have recently launched a pro version of their 272-laser cap model.

Going by the number of years in the market, Kiierr would be the youngest competitor that the FDA cleared in 2018. A couple started this company driven by their passion for LLLT and hair growth. So, despite being the youngest in the industry, in 3+ years, they’ve gained thousands of happy customers. Since then, they have been selling two models of laser helmets, with and without hair care bundles.

Market Experience Winner: HairMax laser cap

Customer Reviews

Customers’ reviews and ratings are important for these devices. After all, they help you weigh the efficiency of the product from first-hand experiences. However, going through so many reviews can be tiring. 

So, for your convenience, I spend hours looking into consumer testimonials from various stores selling these caps, including Amazon and official websites. 

My analysis showed the following results:

HairMax PoweFlex: Average rating of 3.85 – 34 reviews

Kiierr 272 Laser Cap: 4.4 rating – 301 reviews

Illumiflow 272 Laser Cap: 4.4 rating – 97 reviews

CapillusPro: 3.5 average rating – 40 reviews 


  • HairMax- Lasers need recharging after every second session. 
  • Kiierr Laser Cap- No complaints as such; only some of the user feedback suggests that the cap has not been a magical cure to their hair loss problem.
  • Illumiflow- People have reported that they couldn’t recharge the lasers after a year. That’s where the 5-year warranty comes in handy. Also, Illumiflow 272 Pro Laser Cap is their latest model, so there are not many reviews available yet.
  • Capillus- Many complain about it being overpriced for what it does. Also, it has a much longer recovery time.
HairMax Powerflex 272Kiierr 272Illumiflow 272CapillusProIllumiflow 272 Pro
Strength & Technology272 laser diodes
5mW / 650 nm
272 laser diodes
5mW / 650 nm
272 laser diodes
5mW / 650 nm
272 laser diodes
5mW / 650 nm
272 laser diodes
5mW / 650 nm
FDA cleared V V V V V
Treatment time
30 min.
4 times a week
30 min.
3-4 times a week
30 min.
3 times a week
6 min.
Every day
30 min.
3 times a week
Price1,899$845$799$ (Sale price)2,999$$849 (Sale price)
Warranty2 Years2 Years5 Years3 Years5 Years
Return Policy1 Year7 Months6 Months trial6 Months 6 Months
Market ExperienceSince 2000Since 2018Since 2016Since 2012Since 2018
Customer Reviews
3.85 Rate
34 Reviews
4.4 Rate
301 Reviews
4.4 Rate
97 Reviews
3.5 Rate
40 Reviews
(New product)
*All data are correct as of the day of writing this article, there may be changes over time

Final Thoughts

If I am looking for an affordable option to start my hair loss treatment at home, I will choose the Illumiflow 272 as a first choice owing to the warranty and overall ratings. However, Kiierr laser caps are really close to Illumiflow in the competition considering these two factors. Kiierr not only offers the most extendable warranty option, but its caps barely have any negative customer reviews. On the other hand, If I have a higher budget, my first choice will be the  Hairmax PowerFlex 272 due to its robust market experience and longer trial period. 

As for kiierr Vs. capillus, click here to read my detailed comparison review.

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