The best laser-based hair growth helmet to choose for treating mild hair loss: Theradome EVO vs iRestore Essential vs iGrow

Which Laser helmet to choose? Theradome vs. iGrow vs. iRestore

Speaking of hair, can you deny how it adds to your personality and in many cases, ups your game? You can’t, right! 

Are you suffering from hair loss and have already tried a couple of ways to reverse the situation? Well, you aren’t alone. Almost six out of ten people (both men & women) suffer from hair loss by the age of 35 and we are no exception. After a year of investing in natural remedies (unsuccessfully), I decided to try the latest technology laser hair treatment called Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). 


They are affordable, durable, hands-free, and don’t require us to take time out for clinic visits. Theradome EVO laser hair growth device, iGrow hair growth system & iRestore Essential are the first laser helmet brands I discovered. I’m here to compare the three and help you make an informed decision as far as long-term hair growth is concerned. 

Note: These devices are clinically proven to work on patches of thinning hair. It may not work in cases of complete baldness. Moreover, these devices are meant to treat mild cases of hair loss. 

In this post, you will get to know all the details that matter when you want to buy a laser-based hair growth helmet. 

Factors to consider:

Given the fact there are too many brands and a variety of laser caps out there, knowing the below-mentioned factors can work as a guide. I’ve based my product comparison on the same variables,

  • Technology
  • Strength
  • Comfort & Fit
  • Mobility & Convenience
  • Treatment Time
  • Safety
  • Price, warranty, and return policy
  • Time on the Market
  • Consumer Reviews
Theradome EVO iRestore EssentialiGrow
Strength & Technology40 lasers
727 joules at a wavelength of 680 nm
21 lasers; 30 LEDs
255 mW at 650 nm
51 lasers & LEDs
distributing red light
655 nm
FDA cleared V V V
FitSoft rubber pads
One size
Foam pads
One size
Little pads
Adjustable columns
Weight1.48 pounds1.27 pounds3.96 pounds
Mobility & ConvenienceWireless
Rechargeable battery
built-in speaker
Corded model
LCD display
Plugged in when used.
built-in headphones
Treatment time
20 min.
4 times a week
25 min.
Every other day
20 min.
Every day
Warranty1 Year1 Year1 Year
Return Policy6 months1 Year6 months
Market ExperienceSince 2014Since 2003Since 2004
Customer Reviews
55% positive reviews-Above 57% positive reviews
*All data are correct as of the day of writing this article, there may be changes over time

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Theradome EVO vs. iGrow vs. iRestore Essential 


All the tree hair repair devices use state-of-the-art LLLT technology. It is best and most effective when the lights provided within the cap are real lasers. At least that Is what various clinical studies have concluded, according to which LEDs are not as effective as lasers in penetrating the scalp surface to stimulate the root of the hair follicles. 

While the iGrow laser helmet contains 51 lasers & LEDs distributing red light, both iRestore and Thradome have two variants each:

  • iRestore Essential- 21 lasers; 30 LEDs
  • Theradome EVO LH40- 40 lasers
  • iGrow laser helmet – 51 lasers & LEDs distributing red light (exact numbers of LEDs and lasers not specified) 

The lasers used by all three brands are medical-grade.

Winner- Theradome


How do you determine the strength of a laser-based hair growth helmet? Simple. You see the number of lasers, how much power they generate, and in what wavelength. 

iGrow– It generates power at a wavelength of 655 nm.

iRestore Essential– Its total power output is 255 mW at 650 nm.

Theradome EVO generates a power output of 727 joules at a wavelength of 680 nm. 

Strength Winner- Theradome EVO.

Comfort & Fit

You must have these laser helmets on for quite some time during every treatment session. Thus, ensuring that the fit is perfect and that you are comfortable having it on your head is crucial.  

iGrow hair laser helmet comes with little pads on the inside of the cap. They help the helmet sit comfortably. Its adjustable columns make it customizable to fit different heads. Plus, the rotating weight distribution comes in handy if a part of your head feels too heavy during a session. iGrow is heavier, weighing 3.96 pounds, meaning it requires getting a little used to it. 

iRestore – The insides of their devices are made of foam pads. However, the iRestore hair growth system comes in one standard size with a decent fit. iRestore laser helmets are the lightest of the lot weighing only 1.27 pounds.

Theradome – Their laser helmets have soft rubber pads lining the bottom of the helmet and proper ventilation. They come in one size (fits all). Theradome helmets weigh 1.48 pounds. 

All three offer full scalp coverage. 

Weight Winner: iRestore

Fit Winner: iGrow

Comfort Winner: Tie

Mobility & Convenience

Since you’ve dropped the thought of a clinic visit & decided to try a laser helmet instead, you must be looking for flexibility. Another important aspect is convenience (extra features).

iGrow:  You must plug this hair restoration device in each use. It doesn’t have rechargeable batteries. However, it does come with built-in (aux-supported) headphones.

iRestore Essential: This corded model doesn’t come with battery slots. You must be near a plug point during all your LLLT sessions. With the help of an in-built LCD display, you can see the battery draining. You can get a battery pack with the device. However, you have to pay the charges for the battery pack separately. 

Theradome EVO: Their laser caps are com wireless, making them the best option in terms of flexibility. It comes with a rechargeable battery. A single charge on Theradome EVO can last you up to 16 treatments. Both models have a built-in speaker and an automated 20-minute timer. 

Mobility & Convenience Winner: Theradome EVO.

Treatment Time

Both consumer testimonials and clinical studies have proved that hair thinning usually stops within the first three months of using these devices. That is followed by the start of hair restoration (new & stronger) in the next three months. However, you have to follow the regimen religiously for this time frame to work.

Note: The treatment time and results may vary based on how an individual scalp responds to the LLLT.

Here’s the recommended usage time for each product:

iGrow– You need to sit for daily sessions with this one for 20 minutes. Their placebo-controlled clinical trials have shown 35-37% hair growth in 16 weeks. 

iRestore Essential – Use it for 25 minutes per session every other day. Clinical trials showed 40% hair regrowth in 4 months in most participants.

Theradome EVO- At least 20 minutes per session four times a week. Most participants of the clinical trial have seen great results after eight weeks. 

Treatment Time Winner: Theradome laser helmet


The laser helmets of all three brands have FDA clearance making them safe to use with no reported side effects.

Price, warranty, and return policy

The FDA-cleared laser-based hair growth devices are usually pricier than those not. Along with the price tags of each of the helmets, I’ve also got the warranty and return policy details in place for your convenience. After all, they will only start showing results after consistent use of 6 months (minimum)

Here’s how they compare:



  • Price- $695(Essential on Amazon- $695)
  • Trial Period- 1-year risk-free return
  • Warranty- 1-year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Price- $ 695(EVO)
  • Trial Period- 6 months (money-back guarantee; no charges included)
  • Warranty- Standard 1-year product warranty

Note: Warranty and refund policy is applicable on official websites and Amazon.

Trial Period Winner: iRestore

Warranty Winner: Tie

Time on the Market

Since 2004, Apira Science, Inc. has developed, manufactured, and distributed LLLT devices, including their laser cap for hair loss. The FDA cleared it in 2013. On the other hand, Theradome laser caps got cleared a year later in 2014, and have been selling their devices worldwide.

However, iRestore is the oldest player. Freedom Laser Therapy launched the iRestore Hair Growth System in 2003. 

Time on the Market Winner- iRestore

Consumer Reviews

You cannot know for sure how each one performs and what the results are unless you go through customer testimonials. Here are the numbers as far as reviews are concerned:

iGrow- Above 57% positive reviews. The total number of customers who have reviewed this product is more.

iRestore reviews – There are a few online reviews on iRestore for the iRestore Essential device. 

Theradome EVO – 55% positive reviews. 

Common complaints:

  • iGrow- some have found it too heavy to get used to.
  • iRestore- A few users do not like to use wired devices. Plus, they come with a longer recovery time.
  • Theradome- some have said it doesn’t work if the regimen is not followed consistently. Consistent use is the whole point behind LLLT working to your benefit.


If you ask me if I am on a very tight budget, I will choose iGrow to start my hair regrowth therapy. Otherwise, I would go with neither iRestore Essential nor Theradome EVO. I would straightaway opt for the Theradome PRO LLLT helmet. 

Read more about the models available for Theradome hair growth helmets and the iRestore hair growth system (iRestore essential vs professional).

You can read more about the advanced models of Theradome vs. iRestore in my comparison review Theradome PRO LH80 Vs. iRestore Professional.

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