Theradome Vs Capillus

Capillus Vs Theradome

There has been a massive surge in the U.S. market of laser hair-restoration therapy over the last decade. This led to the launch of many laser-based home devices for hair regrowth. However, not all are FDA-cleared. Does it matter? Of course, it does because FDA clearance is primarily what differentiates a sham product from the one that actually works.

Two years back, before starting the LLLT journey to treat my receding hairline, I did a fair bit of research on the tells of whether I’m looking at a sham device. I found that unlike the several sham devices available today, the FDA-cleared ones are clinically tested. Without clinical trials, FDA wouldn’t grant a clearance certificate to the company in the first place.

Recent studies have also proven their efficacy over sham devices. Thus, you will only find me reviewing FDA-cleared options. Today’s post is about Capillus vs Theradome. These two rank among the most popular brands in the industry that have clearly made their mark. No wonder esteemed medical research centers like the Cleveland Clinic also recommend Theradome helmets to treat hair loss at home.

This comparison article will discuss both brands’ design, effectiveness, ease of use, price, warranty, & customer reviews. Before we proceed, here’s a quick overview.


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Let’s dive into the in-depth comparative review of Theradome vs. Capillus.

1.  Effectiveness

Home-use laser devices of both these brands yield effective results as they use the same laser-only technology.

Compared to diffuse LED lights, the medical lasers embedded in Capillus and Theradome caps are far more effective in stimulating the follicular base. It is because they penetrate the scalp better with direct light.

Both their caps emit red lights at the optimum wavelength (Capillus- 650 nm; Theradome- 680 nm) to spur hair growth. Capillus offers caps with more lasers than Theradome. Presently, Theradome is only offering its PRO LH80 model. Capillus, on the other hand, has a range of laser caps with 112, 202, and 272 laser diodes catering to moderate and advanced hair loss cases.

Note: Please remember that even though low-level light therapy works as a complementary treatment in severe cases, it cannot cure complete baldness.

Winner: Capillus (more lasers equal better results for extensive hair loss).

2. Ease of use

As far as ease of use is concerned, it is a match between simplicity and additional helpful features. We’ll look at this with two concerns – daily treatment regime and functionality.

The difference between the daily treatment time of the devices is quite significant. On the one hand, where Capillus only demands 6 minutes of your time regularly, Theradome requires users to wear the helmet for at least 20 minutes thrice a week. With Capillus, you get the ease of use when you’re outdoors as well.

When it comes to functionality, the Theradome helmet doesn’t need a special charger (any micro-USB port will do the job) & activates with a single touch. It also has a built-in speaker (with a volume controller) for voice-guided laser hair therapy sessions.

Using Capillus caps, however, is a breeze. They have a pre-set timer that starts at the beginning of each session. Also, once the cap is off your head, in order to protect your eyes, the lasers get automatically disabled.

Note: The theradome helmet is not as silent as its competitor, probably due to the air vents.

Winner:  Considering treatment time and functionality, I feel it’s a tie between Theradome and Capillus. But then, your decision would depend on what you prioritize the most. 

3. Design

When comparing capillus vs theradome, design is a huge differentiator. 

They both provide specially designed LLLT devices for out-of-clinic use. However, while Theradome’s design focuses more on comfort, Capillus prioritizes device portability. Let’s see how –

Capillus’s cap design is discreet. It comes with two caps- one that has the diodes attached to it, and the other is a baseball-style cap. Since the baseball cap goes over the diode cap, it gives you treatment access everywhere. This stealthy design ensures that you won’t get a second look from any passer-by if you decide to go out wearing the laser cap.

Moreover, ill-fitting caps will be the least of your worries. This means that you can replace the Capillus over the cap with any other baseball cap of your choice- one that fits you better.

Theradome’s helmet design assumes that you’ll do your daily hair-restoration treatment sessions at home. It comes in a white helmet with a futuristic appeal. Theradome may not be as discreet as Capillus, but it compensates with comfort & additional features. It includes foam padding braced with soft rubber pegs on the parts that come in contact with the rest of your head. This makes the helmet sit more snuggly on your head.

Also, there are cooling vents at the top of the helmet, ensuring proper air circulation near the laser diodes while activating your hair follicles.

Winner: Again depends on what you prioritize more. But if you have no qualms about getting your treatment at home, I feel the Theradome helmet is a better choice.

4. Price

Costs for these laser devices tend to differ slightly on various platforms, including Amazon. 

Theradome PRO LH80– $895

Capillus One (112 diodes)- $599 (Check price on the official website)

Capillus Plus (202 diodes)- $849.5 (Check price on the official website)

Capillus Pro (272 diodes)- $1249 (Check price on the official website)

Winner: Capillus (lowest range is cheaper than Theradome’s only offering)

5. Warranty & Satisfaction Guarantee

Both Theradome helmets and Capillus caps come with a 6-month trial period (money-back guarantee). In this case, Theradome offers an additional 30-day post your 6-month buying anniversary to claim a full refund.

As far as a warranty is concerned, unlike other competitors, the brands do not offer a standard two-year product warranty.

Theradome PRO LH80- Limited device warranty of 1 year (extendable up to 3 years with additional charges)

(Warranty for Capillus laser caps is extendable up to 3 more years with additional charges. Check their official website for details. To avail of the warranty, you must register your device on the official website within one month of purchasing.)

Capillus One- 1-year limited warranty

Capillus Plus- 2- year limited warranty

Capillus Pro– 3-year limited warranty

The AC Adapter and battery pack for Theradome & capillus come with a 1-year limited warranty. Also, product warranty for both brands is only applicable when purchased from the official website or authorized sellers.

Winner: Money-back guarantee-Theradome (no restocking fee); Warranty – Capillus (for more options)

6. Customer Reviews

More than often official websites avoid showcasing negative testimonials. Thus, I’ve gone through customer reviews on several trusted platforms, including Amazon, that has a mix of negative and positive reviews. On average, Capillus caps & the theradome helmet have a rating of 3.5 to 4 on Amazon.

Winner: Tie


I struggled with hair thinning, which led me to try laser hair treatment, and it worked. In the beginning, I observed tiny hair sprouts in some of the places where my scalp was showing. That gave me the motivation to keep using it. It’s been two years since I started taking LLLT therapy, and my hair health is far better now.

Personally speaking, my whole point of trying laser caps was to be able to get my hair treatment doses while multitasking, no matter where I am. So, Capillus, it is for me! Generally speaking, if you’re starting to lose hair that is not as advanced and you want the treatment strictly at home, Therdome is the best deal. However, for all extensive hair loss, in terms of power options & warranty, Capillus is a clear overall winner.

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