Capillus plus vs Hairmax PowerFlex 202- The better treatment for mild hair loss

Capillus plus vs Hairmax PowerFlex 202 - for mild hair loss

Whether or not it is hereditary, more than five out of ten people (men & women included) end up suffering from hair loss by the age of 35. Approximately, over 35 million men and 21 million women (worldwide) are suffering from receding hairlines as of this date. Then, most of us have a busy schedule, which makes it challenging for us to seek clinical treatment. 

Well, with laser caps, that use low-level light therapy (lllt) to stimulate the growth of new hairs, you do not have to wait hours on end at the clinic. You can use these caps at home for 25 – 30 minutes every other day of the week to see results by the 6th month. These caps are recommended with other hair regrowth regimes you are following to observe maximum benefits. 

Note: You need to be aware and identify the receding hairline problem while it is in its moderate stage before you opt for one of these devices. Low-level laser (light) Therapy may not work on those with severe hair loss. 

In this post, I will discuss and compare two best-selling mid-range laser caps- Hairmax PowerFlex 202 Capillus Plus. These devices are compared on the basis of technology, power, safety, treatment time, cost & warranty, to name a few. 

(You can also check out their Pro versions for severe cases.)

PowerFlex 202 vs. Capillus Plus

They are both mid-range players that are reported to effectively treat mild hair loss, but you surely won’t buy both. I’ve done the research bit to help you make a better pick for your specific needs. 


As far as science is concerned, both PowerFlex 202 and CapillusPlus run on LLLT (low-level laser therapy) technology. 

How does it work?

LLLT treatment applies low-level lasers or LEDs to the scalp surface to stimulate the hair follicles. Controlled clinical trials have shown positive results. That being said, this treatment is said to work only with consistent power output generated at a specific wavelength. 

Both these medical-grade devices meet the industry standards to reverse mild hair loss. 

Technology Winner: Tie


The strength of a laser cap is based on 3 things, i.e., the number of lasers within the cap, total power output (mW), and its wavelength (nm). So, before anything else, look for these variables while buying one. 

Both devices use medical-grade laser diodes and contain 202 lasers each. Being less than the 272 variety, they are surely less powerful and therefore, ideal for treating moderate hair loss. 

Capillus Plus and HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 202 generate 1010 mW energy output (each). While Capillus generates the power at 650 nm, the HairMax device generates it at 655 nm (+/- 10 nm) wavelength. 

The laser diodes, in both cases, are evenly distributed within the cap so that optimal levels of power are generated for uniform stimulation.  

Strength Winner: Tie

Wondering what makes them different? The differences begin from this point.

Treatment Time/ day

Do you know that one ingredient that is the key to getting the most out of these laser caps? It is none other than “treatment time” – the lesser, the better. More treatment time might discourage you from following the treatment religiously for six months or one year (which is the minimum time new hair takes to start developing). 

PowerFlex Laser Cap 202 – It has a dual operating mode. So, you can choose between 15 to 30 minutes of treatment time. Also, using it 3 days a week will suffice. Participants of the clinical trials have noticed a significant increase in average hair count and a reduced hair-fall rate by the end of 26 weeks. 

Capillus Plus- All it takes is a 6-minute use every day. It comes with an auto shut-off system that ensures you only get the required treatment. The regime is clinically proven to prevent hair thinning tendencies and ultimately help restore lost hair. Initial results are reported to be visible by the 6th month of use. 

Both caps offer full scalp coverage. 

Treatment time winner: HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 202

Cost, Warranty & Return Policy

Even if not as expensive as a hair transplant, the cost of laser caps varies based on a couple of factors. One of the major ones among them is FDA clearance & it is needless to mention that I am comparing FDA-cleared hair re-growth devices in this post. 

Another vital aspect is to check the return policy and warranty period for each product of individual brands. After all, these laser caps are quite an investment with a longer ROI duration, since results are prominent after 6 months of use. 

PowerFlex Laser Cap 202:

  • Price- $1,699 (Check price on Amazon)
  • Warranty- 2 years (standard warranty for all HairMax laser devices)
  • Return Policy- 12 months money-back guarantee (25% restocking fee applied)

Capillus Plus: 

  • Price- $1,699 (check price on Amazone)
  • Warranty- 2 years
  • Return Policy- 6-month money-back guarantee with 25% service charge (the return shipping cost is to be paid by the consumer)

Return Policy Winner: PowerFlex Laser Cap 202

Laser Caps Safety

Hair is a valuable part of your persona. It is only justified that you would want to use a safe product with no side effects. Thus, I have made sure to review only those laser caps that have been cleared by the FDA. 

Capillus has an exceptional customer support team in place for all your queries or post-buy issues (if any). Alongside, HairMax works with several international governments to offer clinically certified LLLT solutions for hair loss. 

Product or Brand Experience

How do you know which brand to trust when you’re buying a product for the first time? Know how long they have been around selling laser devices.

HairMax enjoys the fame of being one of the pioneers when it comes to on-the-go laser hair restoration treatment, be it in the form of combs, bands, or caps. In fact, they’ve been in the business for over 20 years now and have been selling these devices since 2000. Also, HairMax has a total of 14 international medical licenses, 8 FDA clearances, and has undergone 7 clinical trials to date. 

As for Capillus, they’ve been operating since 2012. However, they received an FDA clearance in 2015. The number of clinical trials is also far lesser than HairMax. 

Brand Experience Winner: HairMax

Reviews & Rating

Going through every single customer testimonial on various platforms can be tiring. To help you out, I’ve analyzed the rating and customer reviews from the official websites and major eCommerce platforms. This is what we have found. 

Here is what the result looks like:

  • HairMax PowerFlex Laser Cap 202- I couldn’t compile a lot of customer reviews for this product because the item is limited to the official website and a few eCommerce stores. If you go by the ratings, I am not sure what this product holds for you. 
  • Capillus Plus- After compiling ratings and customer reviews from the official website and major eCommerce stores, I have found that Capillus Plus has received a thumbs up from 70% of the customers. 

Common customer complaints:

  • PowerFlex needs battery recharging after the first or second session. To cut down on product weight, HairMax avoided using a heavy battery pack. 
  • Some complaints are there about Capillus being too expensive compared to its results.


If you ask me which one I would choose for my hair loss treatment as my first choice, I would go with  Hairmax PowerFlex 202. Why? First of all, it’s been there in the market for a longer period, and I can use their product for 1 year to see if it is really working. Sometimes, a lack of customer reviews online could be the result of weak marketing efforts. So, it is not really an ideal barometer to judge a product. Yes, customer reviews help a great deal, and I have previously chosen products based on reviews and ratings. But for this one, I would rather go with the longer trial period guarantee and give it the first shot. If it does not work, I can always try out the Capillus Plus which is within the same price range. 

So what have we had so far?

Capillus plus Vs. Hairmax powerflex 202
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