Kiierr vs Capillus

Kiierr laser cap vs. Capillus laser cap

Kiierr VS. Capillus

Are you still confused about which LLLT cap to buy for your hair loss problem? 

Well, recommendations from friends and family are totally worth it but trust me, I know how much it matters to be absolutely sure before making the purchase. After all, even though the cost of these home laser caps is way cheaper than low-level laser clinic treatments, the best ones can still be quite an investment.  

Kiierr and Capillus are two of the most popular brands in this category. However, like every other laser hair growth cap brand, they also have varieties. So, if you are having trouble deciding, this extensive and comprehensive Kiierr laser cap vs. Capillus laser cap comparison guide will save your day.

This post will help you make the best long-term decision to treat your receding hairline. I’ll compare each device based on the following points:

  • Technology
  • Power
  • Treatment Regime
  • Safety
  • Fit & Comfort
  • Cost
  • Return Policy and Warranty
  • Brand Experience
  • Customer Experience

Products in Comparison

I will be discussing the following laser therapy caps:

  1. Kiierr 272 Premier laser cap
  2. CapillusPro 
  3. Kiierr 148 Pro 
  4. CapillusPlus
  5. CapillusUltra

Points of comparison


Several brands claim that LEDs work just as well as actual lasers in low-level laser therapy for hair. But, I’m sure you know how jumping on every claim train can be disappointing and, more so, cost you money.

Many companies use only LEDs or a combination of both in their laser hair growth devices to cut costs.

So, it is crucial to qualify the claim before buying something, and LLLT caps are no exception in this regard. Unlike lasers, LED beams don’t seem to penetrate deep enough to reach the base of the hair follicles. 

Why? How are they different?

  • Tissues like hair follicles respond only to a specific light wavelength. LED lights get emitted incoherently, while the light coherence of lasers keeps the beam narrow and energy focused.
  • Due to LEDs’ non-coherent and non-monochromatic nature, they fail to generate power at the optimum wavelength to be therapeutically effective for hair restoration. 
  • Power is another vital aspect of these devices. How effective your hair follicle stimulation is, depends mainly on whether enough energy is getting to them. Unlike lasers, LEDs are not powerful enough for such deep penetration.

So, if you are looking for a high-quality laser helmet that will give you the best possible outcome, go for devices that use actual lasers. Both Kiierr laser cap and Capillus cap use the latest laser-only technology to ensure maximum efficiency in stimulating your dormant hair follicles, thus promoting hair regrowth. 

All devices in question have medical-grade lasers- a technology at par with industry standards. Also, in every cap, they are evenly distributed to provide optimum levels of power and scalp coverage for uniform follicular stimulation. 

Technology Winner: Tie


How do you weigh the strength or power of a laser cap? The number of laser diodes, mW (total power output), and its Nm (wavelength) combined will give you the answer. Let’s look at the variables for each product:

  • Kiierr 272 Premier- This kiierr laser cap provides 272 laser diodes generating 1360 mW.
  • CapillusPro- The capilluspro laser hair growth therapy cap is a professional-grade one that comes with 272 lasers generating total light energy of 1360 mW.
  • Kiierr 148 Pro- This Kiierr cap model comprises 148 laser diodes with a total power output of 740 mW.
  • CapillusPlus- Consisting 202 laser diodes, this model’s laser output is 1010 mW.
  • CapillusOne- This cap contains 112 laser diodes emitting light energy at 560 mW.

All LLLT hat models of Capillus and Kiierr laser caps use lasers at an optimum wavelength of 650 nm.  

Power output Winner: CapillusPro & Kiierr 272 Premier (severe hair loss); CapillusPlus (moderate hair loss).

Treatment Regime

One of the key factors to keep in mind while using these devices is consistency, both in terms of power output and following the prescribed regime. The total time a laser cap takes to reverse your thinning hair issue depends on these two factors. 

Note: Clinical study results have shown that it takes a minimum of 6 months of laser cap use to see new scalp hair growth signs. 

The intensity of hair fall reduces in the first three months, and during the following three months, hair starts regrowing slowly and gradually. However, you can’t ignore the fact that not only results but the total treatment time may also vary because individual scalps respond differently to the treatment. 

Irrespective of the models, according to the treatment regime of Kiierr laser cap, you need to wear the cap for 30 minutes every alternate day (3-4 times/ week). On the other hand, Capillus recommends customers use all their hair regrowth laser therapy caps for at least 6 minutes every day to get optimum and timely results. 

Both brands provide an auto shut-off function in their laser caps, ensuring that your hair gets the required treatment time without fail. 

Treatment regime winner: Capillus 

Fit and comfort

The regular-size laser caps from Capillus fit most heads with a circumference of 24 inches. However, you can contact their customer service for a larger size, if required. Kiierr’s regular cap size is also close enough, i.e., 23.5 inches in circumference. 

These caps are pretty lightweight and comfortable, allowing users a flexible treatment time. This means you no longer need to dedicate a fixed time for your hair treatment. 

Fit & Comfort Winner: Capillus


The cost of capillus caps– 

The cost of kiierr laser caps

  • Kiierr 272 Premier (same power output as CapillusPro )- $999 (without hair supplements); $1049 (with the complete hair care bundle)
  • Kiierr 148 Pro (more power output than CapillusUllta) – Only the cap costs $749. The complete system will, however, cost you $799.

Cost Winner: Kiierr Laser Caps

As mentioned previously, the best hair restoration laser caps are usually on the costlier end. Still, you would find a significant price difference between brands with the same power output and technology. The factors leading to a higher price may include manufacturing costs and marketing costs, among other things. Capillus laser hair growth caps are more expensive than Kiierr caps due to some of these factors considered while determining the sale price of the products. But why should the general public care about a brand that sells the same item at a higher cost? The price disparity makes Kiierr laser cap a clear winner

Warranty & Return Policy

The second most vital concern while making a rather expensive purchase is to be thorough with the product’s warranty details and return policy. Most of these devices have a relatively more extended money-back guarantee and warranty period than other products because they take time to show results. However, that is only the case when you buy them from their official websites. 


  • Warranty: It offers a 3-year extended manufacturer’s warranty with additional cost ($309 for one year; $549 for two years; $799 for three years). The warranty period for the battery pack and AC adapter is one year. 


  • Warranty: With this device, you get a 2-year limited warranty on the cap, and the AC adapter and battery pack come with a 1-year limited warranty. You can opt for an extended warranty for three more years with additional costs ($209 for one year; $369 for two years; and $549 for three years). 


  • Warranty: It comes with a 1-year limited factory warranty along with a 1-year warranty for the battery pack and AC adapter. 

Except for the refurbished models, the return policy on all Capillus caps includes a 6-month money-back guarantee with a 25% service charge deduction. Also, customers have to bear the cost of return shipping.

As for Kiierr laser caps, both the models come with a 2-year standard factory warranty which can be extended up to 3 years:

All Kiierr laser caps come with a 7-month money-back guarantee.

Note: if you buy from the official website, you can get $130 off on your purchase after completing this hair loss evaluation quiz

The warranty period concerning cost winner: Kiierr 

Refund Policy Winner: Kiierr 


We realize that it is always better to be safe than sorry. So, all the products that I’ve compared here have FDA clearance for both men and women. 

Safety Winner: Tie

Brand Experience 

Capillus is a brand that has been around since 2012. The FDA has cleared its cap as a Class 2 medical device. As for clinical trials, only the CapillusPro model has undergone one. On the flip side, Kiierr has a total market experience of four years (since 2018), making them the youngest competitor in this sector.

Brand Experience Winner: Capillus

Customer Experience

First-hand experiences help a lot when buying such expensive devices. However, going through the customer testimonials on the official website and other platforms one-by-one can be strenuous. Thus, I have done a tough job for you. 

On their company website, kiierr laser cap review is pretty positive. Their competitive pricing has drawn most of their users. 

The capillus hair cap reviews are rather impressive. I’ve seen that 75-85 percent of their customers on the company website recommend Capillus hats, whereas on websites like Amazon, the reviews are mediocre, with CapillusPlus and CapillusUlta taking the pedestal. 

Customer Review Winner: Capillus

Special Mention

Kiierr 272 Premier MD- 

If you are eagerly looking for a laser helmet that would be equivalent to clinical treatment for your hair, the MD model is worth a try. It has a record of 93% success rate in clinical studies and is also used in hair restoration clinics. 

With Kiierr 272 Premier MD, you get an upgraded battery that will last you three treatments at a stretch and better scalp coverage (24”). Its enhanced laser panel contains individual diodes that improve the device’s durability. This model also comes with strong sensor support for protection if the cap falls off your head accidentally. 

The package includes hair growth supplements too and costs $1,445. As far as price is concerned, it is cheaper than the Pro model of Capillus. That way, it’s a winner. 


Based on my research of kiierr laser cap vs capillus laser cap, I’d conclude that in terms of power, customer reviews, brand presence & warranty, Capillus is a clear winner. However, owing to a better cost and return policy, I recommend you choose Kiierr laser cap if you are buying it for the first time. After all, you can always return the device if it doesn’t give you the desired results. 

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