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After laser-based hair growth helmets, here we are with laser hair regrowth caps.

There are many LLLT (Low-Level Laser Therapy) caps in the market, among which I have picked Illumiflow 272 and 148 laser caps. 

Illumiflow started selling its caps in 2017. The caps’ competitive price and efficiency are the reason I chose them. 

The Ilumiflow 272 laser cap has 60% overall positive reviews on the eCommerce platform on Amazon,

 Among 40% negative reviews on Amazon, 63% are about technical glitches like battery failure, receiving defective products, etc. (We can ignore those as the products come with a 5-year manufacturer warranty) 

So, if we only focus on results related to the success or failure of the caps in encouraging hair regrowth, we get a 78% positive score for Illumiflow on Amazon.

If we combine the reviews on other eCommerce sites and the website’s page, Illumiflow caps have 4.4 average ratings. 

Now, we will dive straight into the two laser caps by Illumiflow, their use, and specifications, pricing, what the package includes, warranty, troubleshooting, and payment options. 

Products and Specifications

Illumiflow 272 Pro laser cap

The Illumiflow 272 pro laser cap is the illumiflow most popular and advanced product consisting of 272 laser diodes. The cap generates 1360mW power output at 655 nm wavelength, ensure optimal coverage across the most common areas for hair loss


Illumiflow 272 Pro Max laser cap

Similar to the 272 laser cap, the Illumiflow 272 pro Max laser cap consists of 272 laser diodes. It generates 1360mW power output at 650 nm wavelength, placed across the entire scalp for maximum regrowth.

The Pro Max option includes a carrying case and  Follicle FX Hair Growth Vitamin.

Illumiflow 272 laser cap

The Illumiflow 272 laser cap is a premium product consisting of 272 laser diodes. The cap generates 1360mW power output at 650 nm wavelength, thus maintaining professional standards with clinical laser hair growth devices. 

Illumiflow 148 laser cap

For those looking for a more affordable option, Illumiflow has the 148 laser cap having 148 laser diodes and producing 740 mW power output at 650 nm wavelength. 

Illumiflow recommends their customers purchase the 272 laser caps for optimum results. However, for someone who is not suffering from acute hair loss and is looking for an option to add more volume to their hair, the 148 laser caps could be a suitable and reasonable choice.  

Both the caps have cooling technology and automatically shuts-off after 30 minutes. Illumiflow caps should be used for 30 minutes every other day. 

Pricing and Payment Options 

The 272 pro laser caps cost $899, The 272 laser caps cost $799, and the 148 Laser Caps cost $549. The package includes the following: 

  • The Illumiflow laser cap with cord
  • A cover hat
  • An extension cord connecting the cap and the battery pack
  • Battery Pack
  • AC Adapter to connect the battery pack 
  • Battery pack case
  • Headband

Illumiflow has partnered with Klarna, a secure financing solution to help you split your pay at 0% APR. With Klarna, your payment is divided into four installments. All you need to do is provide your credit/debit card details while checkout and select Klarna. The first installment is automatically deducted from your card after purchase. The rest of the three installments is deducted subsequently every two weeks. Financing with Klarna usually does not affect one’s credit score. You would be charged no service fees; however, late fees may apply. To know more about Klarna and its services, you can contact their customer service at

Money-back Guarantee and Manufacturer’s Warranty 

The 6-month money-back guarantee applies to products bought from the site. We are not sure whether the refund policy applies to products bought on Amazon or other eCommerce platforms. So, I suggest you talk to their customer support before making a purchase. 

If you are not satisfied with the product after 180 days of use from the delivery date, you can raise a request to return it at and demand a refund. Make sure the return request is within 30 days from the completion of 180 days of use. Illumiflow asks for no proof to support your return request. However, I feel it doesn’t hurt to keep the evidence handy. It’s crucial to retain all the documents/valid proof of purchase you might have to produce while returning the product. The company will also require you to attach a postmark to the return package within ten days of the request. Though you will get the full refund, you will have to pay the shipping charges for returning the product. You might have to pay a 25% restocking fee if there is any damage to the product, apart from normal wear. Therefore, make sure your cap is in good condition.  

Illumiflow offers customers a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty. The warranty applies to products bought from the site or their authorized retailers. I suggest you talk to their customer support before about the policy before purchasing the product from other retailers. You must produce valid proof of purchase while requesting a replacement. 


For any queries on using the cap, you can follow the instructions on this page or call their customer number. 

Final Thoughts 

Illumiflow received FDA clearance in 2017, so they are completely safe to use. They are affordable with a 5-year product warranty and have a good number of happy customers. Most of the laser devices for home use, including Illumiflow, come with a money-back guarantee. But if you are looking for something urgently within budget, I will recommend this product. What’s more you can earn cashback up to $300 on your purchase with Illumiflow, thanks to their rebate program. Follow the instructions to save more on your purchase.

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