Kiierr laser cap

Kiierr Laser Cap

Kiierr, the laser-based hair growth caps manufacturer, received FDA clearance in 2018 and is the youngest competitor. They have two laser caps, the budget-friendly Kiierr 148 Pro and the professional-grade Kiierr 272 Premier. 

Time to dig into the kiierr laser caps specifications, pricing, payment options, warranty, and money-back guarantee.


The Caps

Kiierr Laser cap 272 premier

Kiierr 272 Premier 

kiierr laser cap consisting of 272 laser diodes, the Kiierr 272 Premier caps generate 1360 Mw power output at 650 nm wavelength.

Kiierr Laser cap 148 Pro

Kiierr 148 Pro

Consisting of 148 laser diodes, the Kiierr 148 Pro caps generate 740 Mw power output at 650 nm wavelength. The 148 Pro is ideal for those looking for an affordable option. However, it might not be the best choice for candidates suffering from medium balding.  To get optimum results, one must use the caps thrice a week for 30 minutes. The caps include a baseball hat with the lasers, a headband to secure the cap, a wall charger power plug, a portable power pack, a USB cord, and a user manual. Both the caps have a circumference of approximately 23.5", meaning they will fit most people.  The caps come with an automatic shut-off feature. So you can operate them hands-free.  Both the caps come with a standard 2-year manufacturer warranty. 

Kiierr Laser cap MD

Kiierr 272 Premier MD 

Covering a circumference of 24.5″ the Premier MD is ideal for clinical use, now available to the general public. Stand-out features include: More battery life  Sensor Support  Improved laser panel for increased durability 

Pricing and Payment Option 

The Kiierr 272 Premier caps with the hair growth supplements cost $1049 and without the hair growth bundle, the price is $999. 

The Kiierr 148 Pro Caps with the hair growth supplements cost $799 and without the hair growth bundle, the price is $749. 

The Kiierr 272 Premier MD costs $1449, including the hair growth supplements. There is the 272 MD Elite Complete System(25% More Coverage & Size) that costs $1849.

You can buy an extended warranty for the products on top of the 2-year warranty for up to 3 years. 

1 Year Extension – $79.95 

2 Year Extension – $89.95 

3 Year Extension – $99.95 


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Kiierr also sells a range of hair growth supplements for you to consider. 

You can also choose to buy Kiierr certified, FDA-cleared 272 Premier refurbished cap as well for a lesser price. However, these caps are not eligible for the 7-month money-back guarantee. 

The cap with the hair growth supplements costs $799.

The cost of only the cap is $699.

Kiierr accepts both credit and debit cards. If you want to pay in installments, you can pay with PayPal credit (charges no APR if you complete the payment within six months) or Affirm, and enjoy a 1-year time to complete the payment. Affirm charges APR for installments exceeding three months. If you complete the payment within three months, you will have to pay no interest. 


All Kiierr laser caps come with a standard 2-year warranty. You can buy an extended warranty with the product separately and then register your product with the warranty here. To know about warranty-related policies for products purchased from other platforms, I suggest you talk to their customer support first. 

Money-back Guarantee 

The 7-month money-back guarantee applies to the Kiierr laser caps. I suggest you read the refund policy in detail. It’s crucial to register your product after purchase to be eligible for the warranty and the money-back guarantee. Kiierr ships internationally, but I am not sure whether the refund policy applies to residents outside the US. 

Kiierr laser caps are ideal for male pattern baldness within the range of IIa to V and, for female pattern baldness, the range is I to II. The caps are recommended for Fitzpatrick skin types I to IV. If you have baldness beyond the mentioned range or skin type beyond the mentioned classification, I suggest you talk to their sales team before buying the product. 

You can read more of my kiierr laser cap reviews on the different models of Kiierr 148 and Kiierr 272 compared to other laser cap brands available in the market.

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