How Long Does Hair Grow After Laser Therapy For Hair Regrowth?

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How Long Does Hair Grow After Laser Therapy For Hair Regrowth?


Studies have shown that low-level laser therapy for hair regrowth takes a minimum of three to six months to display noticeable results. LLLT treatment works in phases. All the phases are usually expected to complete within 11 to 12 months. However, depending on the scalp, the time frame for results may differ slightly for each person. 

We will go into the details of how low-level laser treatment promotes hair regeneration in phases. But, before that, it is also essential to know what the natural cycle of hair growth looks like to better understand the benefits of LLLT treatment for hair loss. 


How does hair grow?

There are roughly about 100,000 follicles on the scalp. Every strand passes through a cycle consisting of 3 major stages, and each hair can be at a different stage in a growth cycle. The three stages are as follows:

  1. Growth Phase/ Anagen

This stage is responsible for the length of your hair. It begins from 2 years and can last up to 8 years, but the length of this phase can start to decrease over time. Thus, with each cycle, hair tends to thin and weakens over time.

  1. Transitional Phase/ Catagen

This phase is the period when the hair follicles shrink and get detached from the dermal papilla. The Catagen stage lasts between one to two weeks after the end of the anagen phase. 

  1. Resting Phase/ Telogen

Be it any given time during a growth cycle, 10 – 15 percent of the hair on your scalp is always in the resting phase. It is also known as the shedding phase because during this time of the cycle hair falls normally after 1 or 4 months of follicular dormancy. As a part of this phase, while old hairs fall away, new hairs start to grow in the follicles. This is called the Exogen aka new-hair phase. Also, so that you know, the average shedding amount varies from 50 to 150 hair strands daily.


How long does LLLT treatment take to regrow hair?

Today, you have access to a wide range of LLLT devices that are ideal for home use. They include laser combs, laser bands, caps, and helmets. 

As the natural cycle of hair growth, these at-home laser therapy devices for hair also work in 3 phases. Knowing what happens in each of these stages will give you a clear idea of what you can expect from these devices. 

Phase 1: The first phase of LLLT device treatment lasts for four weeks to eighteen weeks. During this time, the light energy that these devices use slows down and reduces hair fall. 

Phase 2: This is when the miniaturization of hair is reversed as hair starts to thicken and become stronger. It ideally lasts from 18 weeks to 26 weeks. 

Phase 3: In this phase, the laser light energy renews weakened strands. This is the phase when you will start noticing new hair on your scalp. It occurs between 26 to 52 weeks.

For maximum efficacy, you need to use an LLLT device every alternate day for 20-30 minutes (not more). However, the regime to use these home-use low-level laser therapy devices may vary from one brand to another. So, be sure to read the manual before use. Also, make sure you compare selected devices before picking the one that fits your requirement. 

Note: There is no secret behind the working of these laser-based devices, except one, i.e., Consistency. You will not see the expected results if you suddenly stop using the device in-between phases. 

Gathering from the customer testimonials and reviews on several platforms, laser-based helmets/caps like those of HairMax are particularly popular among users. If you are skeptical about the results, I will suggest a product that offers the maximum trial period in its return policy. iRestore, for example, provides an industry-leading trial period of 12 months with a zero-charge money-back guarantee. For more information about product overviews and warranties, check out my “By Brands” Overview series. 


Determining factors for hair growth speed

The rate at which hair regrows is different for everyone. Within a span of one month, hair grows about ½ inch on average. As mentioned previously, individual results after laser hair regrowth therapy may vary. The speed of hair growth depends on the following factors:

  • Age
  • Overall Health
  • Underlying medical condition
  • The present stage of hair loss 
  • Genetics
  • Specific hair type



Hair growth is not an overnight process. Thus, when you opt for a hair regrowth treatment, the first rule is to be patient. That is also true for low-level laser therapy for hair; you must give it time to work. Moreover, if you want to be benefitted, you also need to be consistent while you are on the LLLT treatment

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