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Capillus caps are manufactured in the US. Their support and warranty services are handled at their Miami-based corporate office. For customers with a soft corner for products and processes that are entirely US-based, Capillus Caps could be an ideal choice. Capillus covers a range of caps from the reasonably priced Ultra to the more expensive Capillus Pro to treat mild to serious hair loss. All products from Capillus are FDA-cleared and are, therefore, safe to use. Here’s all you need to know about Capillus hair growth caps. 

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CapillusPro is the professional-grade laser hair growth cap offering LLLT therapy for treating severe hair loss. Generating a power output of 1360 mW, the cap has 272 medical-grade lasers, which is the highest among other Capillus models. A larger scalp coverage also sets it apart from the other two Capillus hats. The cap is battery-operated. Users must wear the cap for 6 minutes every day to see visible results by the 6th month. 

The pack includes:

  • The CapillusPro cap.
  • A rechargeable lithium-ion battery pack.
  • A universal AC adaptor.
  • A user manual.
  • A carrying case.
  • An accessories pouch. 

The cap has a 4.6 rating on the company website and 80% of customers recommend this product. 

The product is also available on Amazon with an above-average rating. The number of reviews documenting positive customer experience is mediocre on Amazon.

The CapillusPro is recommended for customers with a head circumference up to 24 inches. However, customers can order a larger hat, if required, by contacting the support team.

The CapillusPro is the only Capillus device to have undergone a clinical trial. The device proved its efficacy by increasing hair among participants by 51% after 17 months of use.

Price – $2,999 (Check price on Amazon)

Extended Warranty 1 year – $309

                                2 years – $549

                                3 years – $799

CapillusPro refurbished model costs $1,499.50.

The factory warranty policy is the same as the original model. However, the 6-month satisfaction guarantee does not apply to refurbished models. 

Warranty – 3-year factory warranty with a 1-year warranty on AC adapter and battery pack.



CapillusPlus is the more affordable alternative of CapillusPro, ideal for treating moderate hair loss. Made up of 202 medical-grade lasers, the cap generates a laser output of 1010 mW. All other features and specifications, including direction of use, are similar to the CapillusPro Cap. The pack also includes the same accessories as the CapillusPro. 

The device is also available on Amazon

The device has a 4.2 rating on the company website and 71% of customers have recommended this product. On Amazon, the reviews of customers who have used this product are pretty positive. 

Price – $1,699 (Check price on Amazon)

Extended Warranty 1 year – $209

                                2 years – $369

                                3 years – $549

Warranty – 2-year factory warranty with a 1-year warranty on AC adapter and battery pack. 


CapillusUltra offers a value price for those looking for an affordable way to increase their hair volume. The Ultra cap might not be suitable for those suffering from severe hair loss. However, it has enough laser diodes, 82, generating a 410 mW of power output, to fill your midsection or the crown area. 

The product has a 4.3 rating on the company website, and 82% of customers recommend the hat. On Amazon, the customer reviews are positive and users who have found success after using this Capillus hat are more in number than those who have not. 

Price – $699.99 (Check price on Amazon)

Extended Warranty 1 year – $99.99

                                2 years – $189

                                3 years – $269

Warranty – 1-year factory warranty with a 1-year warranty on AC adapter and battery pack. 

Besides credit/debit card payments, payment options for all the caps include splitting the amount across 12 months at 0% APR with Affirm. Check your eligibility before selecting Affirm. 

Check the official website for deals and offers. 

Accessories Cost – Carrying Case – $29.99

                                  Replacement Battery – $79

                                  Universal AC Adapter – $30

Warranty Registration – Customers must fill this form after purchasing their products to activate the warranty. For queries regarding damages after the warranty period, customers are recommended to connect with Capillus’ customer support.

Money-back guarantee – All Capillus laser caps are backed by a 6-month satisfaction guarantee. Customers can return the product after 180 days of purchase and claim a refund if they are not satisfied with the results even after using it as instructed. In this case, customers will have to pay a 25% service fee. The Capillus money-back guarantee applies only to products bought directly from the company website. If you are buying from another retailer or physician, you must ask if a return policy is in place beforehand. During the return, you might have to produce valid proof of purchase. So, make sure you don’t lose it.


Final Thoughts 

 All capillus hats use no LEDs and only lasers at a wavelength of 650 nm for optimum stimulation of the hair follicles. Many studies have found that LEDs may not be as effective as pure lasers as lasers provide in-depth follicular stimulation as opposed to LEDs that only deliver surface stimulation. The reviews for the CapiilusUltra and CapillusPlus are fairly positive.

Capillus cap cost: The Capillus Products are more expensive because, as I have already mentioned, they are entirely manufactured in the US, and their customer support is also US-based. So, if you are not too tight on your budget, you might consider giving Capillus cap a shot. You can also check out their other hair growth products on the official website to go with your laser caps. 

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